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The Surgicon Project

A Non-profit, Professional Project for Internationally Equalized Surgical Skills



The human anatomy is the same regardless of country, culture, religion, wealth or poverty. Therefore the surgical profession and quality should be the same world wide, as a part of normal Human Rights.

Surgicon is a charity organization
depending on financial contributions.

Radio interview March 31st 2016 by Joni Aldrich, USA, at W4CS Radio:
– Registered as charity organization, with”90-konto” (Plusgiro 900517-4 eller Bankgiro 900-5174).
– Personal meeting at Rosenbad 11/11 2015 with the Head of the Innovation Council, naming Surgicon a Swedish Innovation.
– Full page debate article in main daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet “Brännpunkt” 2/11 2015 Körkort för kirurger
Medicinska Riksstämman 3-4 december 2015, Surgicons Programpunkt: “Behovet av validerade kunskapstester i kirurgisk teknik 2015”: Folder_Medicinska Rikstämman

 – SBU valde ut vårt förslag till ämne för utredning 2015.

“Surgicon, I believe, is the only world-wide “clearing house” for the latest ideas, concepts, and developments in the critical theatre of how educators internationally are facing the challenge of educating the next generation of surgeons in an efficient, but more importantly, effective manner. In this age of rising costs and diminishing opportunities for trainee experience, we no longer can employ the traditional apprenticeship model of the past century – it is too inefficient, and lacks uniformity and assurance of the proficiency of those entering surgical practice and caring for patients.
It should continue to serve as the most effective and visible forum for the exchange of surgical training principles available today. It is simply not possible for individual organizations, societies, or countries to address all of the issues or explore all of the avenues necessary to identify the resources and tools necessary to prepare future surgeons.”
Richard L. Angelo MD, Past-President of AANA, Arthroscopy Association of North America

“Healthcare education is undergoing a revolution through the use of simulation technologies – providing an opportunity to accurately assess a healthcare worker’s (doctor, nurse, technician, etc) performance accurately and quantitatively.  Evidence shows that this training with simulation not only improves performance, but improves patient safety and healthcare quality.
Dr. Margareta Berg, MD of Gothenburg Sweden has been working for years to bring the medical education community together through an annual conference and organization called Surgicon.  I wanted to bring this important work to your attention, and ask for your attention and support.  She will be meeting with important key persons in the immediate future, to discuss the importance of using simulation and bring together the healthcare community in a unified approach to medical education, rather than every country and hospital wasting resources and competing because everyone is developing their own training programs. The long term benefits would be significant, allowing medical training curricula to be available globally, including to developing countries.”
Richard M. Satava
, MD FACS,  Professor Emeritus of Surgery, University of Washington Medical Center

        Surgicon & WHO
Surgicon was invited to collaborate with the WHO in Geneva 2013.


Surgicon 2013_part of the faculty


CME Accreditation: EACCME_8923 G
June 17-19, 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden

We would like to thank all our 45 speakers, all the participants, the exhibitors, the board and all members of the crew for their committed work for a good cause:
Surgical Quality & Safety

     This is not just a congress.  It is a non-profit global network of world leaders from mixed surgical specialties.
Click for Program:  Surgicon Congress Program 2013

Surgicon gets together
surgeon-educators from around the world, individuals with reputation for having directed and developed the best surgical education programs around the world.”
Pr Carlos A. Pellegrini
President-elect American College of Surgeons, USA
 Opening: Dr Marie Wedin
Chairman, Swedish Medical Association

Honorary Guest Lecturer: Pr Carlos A. Pellegrini
 President-elect, American College of Surgeons

Closing lecture: Dr Göran Stiernstedt
Director Health and Social Care Division, SKL (SALAR)

The event gathered 45 leaders from different surgical specialties – also called “Davos for Surgeons

From USA:
Dr Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FRCSC, FACS, Director, Division of Education, American College of Surgeons, Chicago, Ill, USA
Pr em Patricia J Numann, MD FACS,FRCS Glas[Hon], ASI[Hon],Lloyd S Rogers Professor of Surgery Em., Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY
Pr Barbara L. Bass, MD, FACS, Professor and Chair of Surgery, Dir. Methodist Inst for Technology, Innovation and Education (MITIE), TX, USA
Dr Richard L. Angelo,  MD, Immediate past President,  Arthroscopy Association of North America, WA, USA
Pr Richard M. Satava, MD, FACS, is Professor Em. of Surgery at Washington Medical Center, WA, USA. Focus: Simulation & Robotics
Pr Robert A .Pedowitz MD, PhD, Prof. of Orthopaedic Surgery, UCLA, CA, USA, Chair Arthroscopic Surgery Training Program, AANA/AAOS/ABOS
Dr Dana K. Andersen, MD, Director Clinical Studies Program, Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition, NIDDK / NIH, ML, USA
Dr James E. Barone, “The Skeptical Scalpel” blog, MD, FACS, FCCM, Stamford, CT, USA
Dr Brian J Dunkin, Head Endoscopic Surgery, Medical Director, Methodist Inst. for Technology, Innovation and Education (MITIE), TX, USA
Dr Andrew S. Wright MD, Assistant Professor, Assistant Program Director for Technical Skills Education Dept of Surgery, WA, USA
Ms. Denise E. Pedulla, RN, JD, MPH, Principal, Berkeley Research Group, LLC,  Boston, MA, USA
Dr Javeria Qureshi MD, Dept of Surgery, Chapel Hill, University of North Carlina, USA, Residency year in Malawi 2010-2011

From Canada:
Pr Richard Reznick MD, Dean, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Focus: Colorectal surgery and research in medical education

From Australia & New Zealand:
Pr Spencer Beasley, Councellor and Deputy Censor-in-Chief RACS, Clinical Professor of Paediatrics Surgery, Univ of Otago, New Zealand
Dr Wendy Crebbin, Manager, Education Development and Research Department,RoyalAustralasianCollege of Surgeons, Melbourne, Australia
Pr Philip J Crowe, MB BS, DPhil, Grad DipHEd, FRCSC, FRACS, UNSW, Sydney, Australia. Focus: Sarcomas, Education
Pr Andrew G Hill, Head of the South Auckland Clinical School, Auckland, New Zealand. Focus: Colorectal surg.,Periop. care, Med. education
Pr Guy Maddern, MBBS PhD MS MD FRACS,  RP Jepson Professor of Surgery, Head Discipline of Surgery, University of Adelaide, Australia
Dr.Tristan D. Yan, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Royal PrinceAlfredHospital, Sydney,  Australia
Dr Richard Hanney, Acting Head, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Dept.of Surgery, University of Sydney, Australia
Dr Sarah Andvik, Sydney, President UNSW Surgical Society, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

From Hong   Kong, China:
Pr Shekhar Kumta, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dir. of the Teaching & Learning Resource Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

From India:
Dr Sudhir Warrier, Orthopaedic Hand- and Microsurgery, LilivatiHospital, Mumbai, India

From Africa:
Pr Leon Snyman, MBChB, MPraxMed Mmed, FCOG, Department Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Univ.of Pretoria, South Africa
Pr Nyengo Mckandawire, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Malawi, Africa
Pr Stephen Ogendo, FCOSECSA, MB, ChB.University of Nairobi. M.Med (Surg). Dept of Surgery, University of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

From Russia:
Dr Maxim Gorshkov, Moscow, Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine, Russia, and Topfer Medical GmbH

From Europe:
Pr Anthony G. Gallagher, PhD, D.Sc., UniversityCollegeCork, Ireland, Focus: Surgical Simulation
Pr O. James Garden, Regius Professor of Clinical Surgery and Honorary Consultant Surgeon, Edinburgh, Scotland
Pr Cem Terzi, Dept of Surgery, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey, President of European Society of Surgery
Pr Sean Tierney, Dean of Professional Practice & Development at RCSI, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at AMNCH, Ireland
Pr Oscar Traynor, Director of the National Surgical Training Centre (NSTC), RCSI, Dublin, Ireland
Dr Kai Olms, Chirurgie, Bad Schwartau, Germany. Focus: Teaching, Foot & Ankle Surgery
Dr Christian Rifbjerg-Larsen, MD, PhD, Consultant, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Hillerod Hospital, Denmark
Dr Jeanett Strandbygaard, MD, PhD, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr Göran Stiernstedt, Director, SALAR / Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting, Stockholm, Sweden
Pr Peter Naredi, PhD, Immediate past President of Swedish Surgical Association,  Dept of Surgery, Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr Karsten Offenbartl, MD PhD, Dept of Surgery, Eksjö, Sweden, Member of UEMS Section and Board of Surgery
Dr Hans Lönroth MD PhD, Dept of Surgery, Sahlgrenska   University Hospital, Sweden
Dr Anders Hyltander MD PhD Dept of Surgery, Sahlgrenska   University Hospital, Sweden
Dr Ninos Oussi, Dept of Surgery, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Dr Matay Tunc MD, The Netherlands

”I should not have been, but I was truly blown away by the way the program and speakers have shaped up.”

Pr John Windsor BSc, MBChB, MD, FRACS, FACS, Auckland, New Zealand

 “The speakers and topics are superb – if your interest is in cutting-edge topics on new horizons in surgical training, this is a “can’t miss” congress.”
Richard L. Angelo, M.D.
Immediate Past President, Arthroscopy Association of North America

“Surgicon has my strong support because I believe it is a crucial summit for medicine and surgery at this time of major change.”
Prof. Anthony G. Gallagher, Ph.D.,D.Sc.,Ireland

Surgicon is a coming together of great minds from all over the globe to debate, discuss and draw plans seeking the ideal method of imparting knowledge and skills to students and practising surgeons. 
Sudhir Warrier, Hand- and Microsurgeon, Mumbai, India

“I look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure the success of this conference.”
Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FRCSC, FACS, Director, Division of Education, American College of Surgeons

“I believe that the most important reason to attend is to participate in a cross-pollination of  fresh new ideas. Different surgical organizations have led the way in different areas, ie some in simulation, others in proficiency-based training, still others in cognitive skills (emotion, confidence, etc). Those who attended the 1st World Congress on Surgical Training were treated to many exciting and eye-opening presentations from around the world. Each of us returned with a fresh perspective and a long list of new concepts that we were anxious to study and implement in our individual programs. If you are involved in the training of tomorrows surgeons, don’t miss this unique and extremely valuable congress!” 

Dr Richard L Angelo, Orthopaedics, AANA, Washington, USA

In collaboration with:


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