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Links to pdf versions of some presentations 17-19 June 2013:
Surgicon 2013_Session1_G Maddern
Surgicon 2013_Session1_O Traynor
Surgicon 2013_Session2_AG Gallagher
Surgicon 2013_Session2_DK Andersen
Surgicon 2013_Session2_SW Beasley
Surgicon 2013_Session3_AG Hill
Surgicon 2013_Session3_R Hanney
Surgicon 2013_Session3_P Naredi
Surgicon 2013_Session4_LC Snyman
Surgicon 2013_Session4_N Mkandawire
Surgicon 2013_Session5_AG Gallagher
Surgicon 2013_Session5_C Rifbjerg-Larsen- J Strandbygaard
Surgicon 2013_Session5_M Gorshkov
Surgicon 2013_Session5_RA Pedowitz
Surgicon 2013_Session5_RM Satava
Surgicon 2013_Session6_N Mkandawire
Surgicon 2013_Session6_PJ Numann
Surgicon 2013_Session7_A Hyltander
Surgicon 2013_Session7_H Lönroth
Surgicon 2013_Session7_K Olms
Surgicon 2013_Session8_BL Bass
Surgicon 2013_Session8_C Terzi
Surgicon 2013_Session8_OJ Garden
Surgicon 2013_Session9_N Oussi
Surgicon 2013_Session9_R Reznick
Surgicon 2013_Session10_G Stiernstedt
Surgicon 2013_Session10_R Reznick
Surgicon 2013_Session10_SW Beasley