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The aim of our work is to find answers to the general question: “How can a medical student be transformed into a skilled craftsman in surgery?” . This question is international and interdisciplinary, and involves several subtopics as: Accessible methods for practical surgical training, how to measure surgical skills, questions about structures for stepwise surgical training, and in addition the codes for collaboration beween surgeons and the device industry.

The Sweden origin of Surgicon might be explained by terms like ”quality” and ”safety”, illustrated by safety principles constructing cars, our ‘zero-vision’ for lethal traffic accidents and by the first national register to count surgical results in a nation wide database (“The national hip replacement register”).

The need for structured learning in surgery, keeping the patient’s safety in mind – as well as the surgeon’s feeling of security entering the surgical profession – is probably one of the most actual questions in modern surgery.  In our time the practical training is no longer time-based but competency based, and efficient stepwise training systems with in-built control functions are mandatory to form new skilled surgeons replacing the retiring generation.

Surgicon is addressing these questions, gathering several key opinion leaders in surgery from different specialties all over the world. In addition the questions about the collaboration between universities, hospitals and surgical instrument companies concerning surgical training is also included in the work process.