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The Surgicon Project

A Non-profit, Professional Project for Internationally Equalized Surgical Skills



The human anatomy is the same regardless of country, culture, religion, wealth or poverty. Therefore the surgical profession and quality should be the same world wide, as a part of normal Human Rights. 
Surgicon is 
depending on financial contributions.

New article in American College of Surgeons Bulletin Vol 102 No 9 Sept 2017:

Radio interview by Joni Aldrich, USA, at W4CS Radio:
– SvD “Brännpunkt” 2/11 2015 Körkort för kirurger
Medicinska Riksstämman 2015, Surgicons Programpunkt: “Behovet av validerade kunskapstester i kirurgisk teknik 2015“: Folder Medicinska Rikstämman

“Surgicon, I believe, is the only world-wide “clearing house” for the latest ideas, concepts, and developments in the critical theatre of how educators internationally are facing the challenge of educating the next generation of surgeons in an efficient, but more importantly, effective manner. In this age of rising costs and diminishing opportunities for trainee experience, we no longer can employ the traditional apprenticeship model of the past century – it is too inefficient, and lacks uniformity and assurance of the proficiency of those entering surgical practice and caring for patients.
It should continue to serve as the most effective and visible forum for the exchange of surgical training principles available today. It is simply not possible for individual organizations, societies, or countries to address all of the issues or explore all of the avenues necessary to identify the resources and tools necessary to prepare future surgeons.”
Richard L. Angelo MD, Past-President of AANA, Arthroscopy Association of North America

“Healthcare education is undergoing a revolution through the use of simulation technologies – providing an opportunity to accurately assess a healthcare worker’s (doctor, nurse, technician, etc) performance accurately and quantitatively.  Evidence shows that this training with simulation not only improves performance, but improves patient safety and healthcare quality.
Dr. Margareta Berg, MD of Gothenburg Sweden has been working for years to bring the medical education community together through an annual conference and organization called Surgicon.  I wanted to bring this important work to your attention, and ask for your attention and support.  She will be meeting with important key persons in the immediate future, to discuss the importance of using simulation and bring together the healthcare community in a unified approach to medical education, rather than every country and hospital wasting resources and competing because everyone is developing their own training programs. The long term benefits would be significant, allowing medical training curricula to be available globally, including to developing countries.”
Richard M. Satava
, MD FACS,  Professor Emeritus of Surgery, University of Washington Medical Center

        Surgicon & WHO
Surgicon was invited to collaborate with the WHO in Geneva 2013.


Surgicon 2013_part of the faculty


CME Accreditation: EACCME_8923 G
June 17-19, 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden

We would like to thank all our 45 speakers, all the participants, the exhibitors, the board and all members of the crew for their committed work for a good cause:
Surgical Quality & Safety

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About us

Surgicon is a Non-Profit global network intending to harmonize surgical skills across borders. The formal organization is a non-profit Swedish Foundation controlled by the Swedish authority “Svensk Insamlingskontroll” (  The board of the Surgicon Foundation consists of Pr em Richard M. Satava (USA), Dr Richard L. Angelo (USA), Pr Anthony G. Gallagher (IRE), Dr Kai Olms (GE) and the chairman Dr Margareta Berg (SWE). Since 2010 we have connected leading surgeons from different specialties and different countries and continents, and organised 2 meetings in 2011 and 2013.… Read more..

Book “Cutting Edges”

The new book “Cutting Edges in Surgical Training” was released at the 2nd Surgicon meeting, and has been written by 24 different authors from 11 countries, including USA, UK, Ireland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Turkey, Denmark and Sweden, and edited by the founder of Surgicon. It contains 18 short chapters describing the State of the Art in Surgical Education and Training. Authors in alphabetical order: Aggarwal R, Andersen D K, Barone J E, Beasley S W, Crebbin… Read more..

Faculty 2013

The 45 top speakers at the Surgicon Summit 2013 came from 16 countries on 5 continents: / From USA: Pr Patricia J. Numann, MD FACS, Past President, American College of Surgeons, Professor of Surgery Emeritus, Syracuse, NY, USA Pr Carlos A. Pellegrini, MD, FACS, FRCSI (Hon), President-elect Am Coll of Surgeons, H. N. Hawkins Professor and Chair, Dept of surgery, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, USA Dr Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FRCSC, FACS, Director, Division of Education, American College of Surgeons,… Read more..


Link to pdf program: Surgicon Congress Program 2013 The 2nd Surgicon Congress was built on 10 Sessions on the following Main Topics: 1. Quality and Safety in Surgical Training, 2. Metrics for Making a Surgeon, 3. The Value of Scientific Research Activities during Surgical Training, 4. Surgical Training in Evolving Countries, 5. Update on Simulation,  6. Social Media and E-learning in Surgical Training, 7.‘Rules & Roles’ – Collaboration between surgeons and the Industry in Surgical Training, 8. Teaching New Surgical Techniques and Technologies to… Read more..

Read more information about Surgicon 2013